Universal & Whole Life Insurance

What is Universal Life Insurance?

Universal life insurance is permanent insurance with the main feature being flexibility. You can change your premium and death benefit at any time. Universal life can be an inexpensive way to guarantee a death benefit that is payable to age 100 and beyond.

Family Universal Life Insurance

Family Universal Life gives you the freedom to design an insurance plan you can adjust as your needs change without changing policies.

  • Ideal for growing families with modest incomes
  • Offers the flexibility to change coverage as your needs change
  • As your income grows, premiums can be increased to build cash value more quickly

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What is Whole Life Insurance?

Whole life insurance is permanent insurance guaranteed to last for your entire life. But in addition to providing a death benefit, your premium payments accumulate as guaranteed cash values for life’s needs — providing money that can be used for key financial goals like building a retirement nest egg, funding a college education or enhancing your estate so you can transfer your accumulated wealth to your heirs.

Whole Life 100

Farm Family’s Whole Life 100 serves as a solid foundation for any life insurance program, offering a whole life policy with a fixed, level premium.

  • Ideal for families and individuals wishing to preserve or accumulate wealth
  • Fixed premium to age 100

Life Paid up at 65

LP 65 is a whole life policy with level premiums payable to age 65.

  • Ideal for individuals who want premiums to end during retirement years (at age 65)
  • Higher accumulated cash value at age 65 than Whole Life 100.

Form #s: SPL5 B1 0506; FUL4 0806; WLP65 0706; WLP95 0507; WLP100 0706

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